Twin Peaks Revival Reacts to S3 Part 1

May 24, 2017

So we'll be doing a couple of different things with Season 3. Here is the first in our "React" series. It's exactly what it sounds like. Brian and Da Professa give their initial reactions and thoughts (no notes, no fidelity,  no theories, just raw emotion) about each episode immediatly after they watch it. Later on chris and/or MlFotos will be involved in more formal shows (planing to do 2 parts at a time). These episodes will work more like our episodes in the past with recaps, specific questions, thought out (to some extent) theories, etc. However, the actual dates/times of release may vary depending on everyone's schedule.

In this react podcast Brian and Da Professa talk Part 1. The majority of this installment was located outside of Twin Peaks. The horizons are expanding and we now find ourselves in South Dakota where history is repeating itself with some gruesome twists. Meanwhile in New York we have ourselves a brand new box mystery. WOLF.


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