Twin Peaks Revival S2E21 - Miss Twin Peaks (Pinkle Gets Handsy)

March 21, 2017

On this weeks episode annie, whose only been on screen for 15 minutes, is crowned Miss Twin Peaks, Windom Earle takes her, and that's pretty much all that happens. brian and chris unpack a somewhat lackluster episode considering what comes before and what's about to come. Speaking of (sic) cooper and annie did the nasty in one of the most awkward sex scenes of all time. Thank god for Nadine, Pinkle, Big D, and Mayor Milford without them I'm not sure we could have got through this one. We also learn that if you want in with the Log Lady you best get in with the log first.

In other news chris went deep sea fishing.

Miss Twin Peak Talk Starts at 55:40


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