Twin Peaks Talk Feat. Da Professa

April 10, 2017

On this weeks episode Brian sits down with Da Professa for a Twin Peaks Talk. First half of the show focuses on Lynch and some overarching thoughts on Twin Peaks along with the top 5 love em and hate em lists. Then in the second half the duo compare the original script of the finale to what was aired on TV. And finally a little (or a lot) of what we like to call LODGE TALK.


Twin Peaks Talk Feat. Mitch Franklin (MlFotos)

April 3, 2017

On this special episode Brian sits down to talk Twin Peaks with Mitch Franklin. Mitch has watched the series right along with the guys so it makes sense to bring him in to get some fresh takes and perspectives. We also get his top 5 love em and hate em. Next week Brian sits down with da professa for some (at least for our show) deeper analysis (lodge talk) and the finale script comparison.


Twin Peaks Revival S2E22 - Beyond Life and Death

March 27, 2017



Twin Peaks Revival S2E21 - Miss Twin Peaks (Pinkle Gets Handsy)

March 21, 2017

On this weeks episode annie, whose only been on screen for 15 minutes, is crowned Miss Twin Peaks, Windom Earle takes her, and that's pretty much all that happens. brian and chris unpack a somewhat lackluster episode considering what comes before and what's about to come. Speaking of (sic) cooper and annie did the nasty in one of the most awkward sex scenes of all time. Thank god for Nadine, Pinkle, Big D, and Mayor Milford without them I'm not sure we could have got through this one. We also learn that if you want in with the Log Lady you best get in with the log first.

In other news chris went deep sea fishing.

Miss Twin Peak Talk Starts at 55:40


Twin Peaks Revival S2E20 - The Path to the Black Lodge

February 23, 2017

And then there were 3. On this weeks epsidoe the boys talk Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 20 The Path to the Black Lodge. Without a doubt this is one of our favorite episodes. Pete sees and talks to Josie in the Wood, Windom Earle and Leo play dress up, and Briggsy manages to get his ass abducted for a second time. Oh yeah and it looks like a portal to hell has opened up in the Twin Peaks woods so there's that. Brace yourselves because when Venus and Saturn meet there's no telling just how SHOOK you'll be.

The Path to the Black Lodge Banter begins at the 56:00 mark. We had some rat business we had to cover at the top of the show.


Twin Peaks Revival S2E19 - Variations on Relations

February 13, 2017

On this weeks episode the boys talk Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 19 Variations on Relations. It's hard for this episode not to conjure up a plethora of strong emotions. Gordon Cole kisses Shelly (TRIGGER WARNING) in front of the Bobcat, Big Dick hosts a wine tasting gala, and Windom Earle puts a "heavy metal man" in a giant paper mache pawn only to kill him with a crossbow. Oh yeah and Snake manages to elicit a Chris Franklin trademarked WHOAH out of Execuite Assistant Bob Briggs when talking about Nadine Hurley's sexual prowess.

Variations on Relations Spiel Begins at 37:19

6 Burning Questions

Who was Annie’s first boyfriend (assuming its someone we know)?

What are the contents of the telegram BZ as John Justice Wheeler received?

What did Snake Whisper to Bopper at the Roadhouse?

What is the Bobcat going to do now that he’s been cucked?

Who will win the Miss Twin Peaks pageant?

What is the meaning/significance of the Petroglyph?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E18 - On the Wings of Love

February 7, 2017

Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 18 On the Wings of Love. Gordon Cole returns to Twin Peaks and not only does he damage Windom Earle's hearing he's also finally exposed as a fraud. As Brian and Chris point out it was a pretty slick long game (tricking Shelly that she's the only person he can hear) but also kind of creepy. Speaking of creepy Billy Zane as John Justic Wheeler is dropping some hard truths to Brother Ben. Oh and the A-Team (Cooper, Truman, Hawk, Andy) go spelunking in Owl Cave.

On the Wings of Love Chatter begins around the 47 minute mark.

5 Burning Questions

What was the substance Jones “poisoned” Harry with?

What is Billie Zane doing in his hotel room?

What was Earle doing on Project Blue Book…does he know Major Briggs?

What’s the Big Secret Eileen and Brother Ben are keeping?

What happens when you invert the symbol?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E17 - Wounds and Scars (Pinkle’s Revenge)

January 16, 2017

The last time we saw Tim Pinkle he was swinging from Leo's death trap. Well ladies and gentlemen he's back and back in a big way. Tim Pinkle, endangered species specialist. On this weeks show Truman goes mad with greif and his bro (cooper) falls in love with the new chick in town, Annie.

Wounds and Scars Discussion Begins at 26:34

6 Burning Questions

#1 What's in the Box?

#2 Why did Jones hop into bed with Truman?

#3 Will Big D seek vengeance against Pinkle?

#4 Why did Brother Ben visit Mrs. Hayward?

#5 What's the connection between the Major's and Margaret's scars?

#6 Will Windom Earle break the rules?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E16 - The Condemned Woman

January 9, 2017

Brian and Chris are back with another banger. The duo discuss Twin Peaks season 2 episode 16, The Condemned Woman. Josie gets #knobbed and Billy Zane as Jack Justice Wheeler creeps on Audrey... need I say more. For the last time DID THEY or DIDN'T THEY Pete and Josie.  

The Condemned Woman Talk Starts at 41:00.

6 Burning Questions

Is brother ben being genuine when he talks about wanting to save the pine weasel and maintain the natural beauty of Twin Peaks?

What did Norma mean about Annie being from another time and place?

Why is Windom Earle making homemade arrows?

Who/What/How/Why killed Josie?

Why did Josie get locked in the door knob?

Was the expression on Josie’s face at the end (when she’s trapped) one of pain or pleasure?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E15 - Slaves and Masters

January 2, 2017

On this weeks show Brian and Chris tackle what many believe to be the worst of the worst when it comes to Twin Peaks. That's right Season 2 Episdoe 15 Slaves and Masters. We see the wild ride and Civil War sideplots brought to their respective ends, while the Jose situation builds in tension. But most importantly of all we learn that Nadine's finisher (airplane slam) is illegal...WTF.

Slaves and Masters Talk Begins at  30:30

5 Burning Questions

Is Nadine really ok with Big Ed and Norma?

What sort of price is Catherine going to haggle for Josie?

What does brother benn’s face turn mean for Twin Peaks?

Who will Windom Earle choose to be his queen?

Why would Josie want to shoot Cooper?