Twin Peaks Revival S2E14 - Double Play

December 19, 2016

Brian and Chris discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 14 Double Play. On this weeks show Lady Evelyn "big times" Donna, Mayor Milford threatens to murder a hippie, and all hell breaks loose as Shelly's love shack becomes Leo's house of terror. Happy Holiday's to Everyone!

Double Play Talk Starts at  36:35

5 Burning Questions

Will Norma and Big Ed last?

Does Evelyn actually love James?

What did the air force do to Briggs? Did he escape?

Who has the skills to match the Widow Milford?

What does Windom Earle plan to do with Leo?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E13 - Checkmate

December 12, 2016

On this week's episode Brian and Chris breakdown Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 13 Checkmate as savagely as Nadine broke down Hank. Major Briggs returns with a strange branding, the Bobcat calls Audrey baby, and Windom Earle pulls out one hell of a chess deal. Oh and Chris may or not be a closet civil war reenactor like Brother Ben. But the real question is did Cooper murder Jean Renault?

Checkmate talk starts at 36:30

6 Burning Questions

What is the meaning/significance of the scar behind the major’s ear?

What is the air force going to do with Agent Briggs?

Will brother jerr and dr jacoby be able to “right the ship”?

Did Nadine kill Hank?

What will Leo do next?

Is Windom Earle working alone?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E12 - The Black Widow

December 5, 2016

Dougie Milford kicks the bucket with his boots on while Andy and Big Dick are now officially doing the whole Hardy Boys thing. It's finally proven that Hawk made up his girlfriend, and Pete finds himself stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Oh yeah we also learn that Major Briggs is blessed with "hardware" most of us can only dream of... sadly I can't "unhear" that.

All that and so much more as Brian and Chris discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 12 The Black Widow.

Black Widow talk starts at the 50 minute mark.

6 Burning Questions

Is little nicky actually the devil?

How is snake going to handle the Big Ned situation (remember in the pilot he says oh Ed I’m not your friend)?

As of right now is Pete team Catherine or team Josie?

What's the history of dead dog farm?

Will James end up murdering Mr. Marsh?

How did Briggs manage to get his ass unabducted and what’s with the Red Baron getup he’s sporting?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E11 - Masked Ball

November 28, 2016

After a much deserved one week break Brian and Chris return to a lackluster episode of Twin Peaks; Season 2 Epsidoe 11 Masked Ball. Apart from a quality one liner from Ernie and the return of SNAKE Brian and Chris are forced to greasp at straws and insert some of their own plot lines to make this an enjoyable episode. We hope you enjoy this ride on the back 9 with us.

Masked Ball talk starts at 29:40

6 Burning Questions

Does the major’s wife know a lot more than she’s letting on?

How do you see the Snake Nadine (Big Ned) relationship playing out?

Why did Josie go back to Catherine?

Is James going to get raped? Where do you see that storyline heading?

What’s the next move for Brother Ben now that he finds himself at the bottom of the totem poll?

Why does Windom Earle want to kill Crooper so bad?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E10 - Dispute Between Brothers

November 14, 2016

It's time to discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 10 Dispute Between Brothers. On this weeks show Nadine throws a dude 50 feet in the air, the Bobcat gets lucky, and Truman acts like a savage. Oh yeah and major Briggs may or may not have just been abducted by an Alien race to which James belongs.

But most importantly of all will Hawk finally be called to justice?

Dispute Between Brothers talk starts at the 39 minute mark (yeah we had a lot we needed to cover beforehand).

6 Burning Questions

Why does no one in Twin Peaks seem that “shook” about Leland?

What’s/who’s next for Donna 2.0 now that James is gone?

What is the white lodge?

Who was the silhouetted man we/cooper briefly saw before/during Major Briggs abduction?

Who/what abducted major Briggs and why?

Do you believe the story Catherine told Truman?

What happened to Josie? How did she end up at Harry’s?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E09 - Arbitrary Law

November 8, 2016

This week Brian and Chris discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 9 Arbitrary Law. The camera's go askew and so do your two hosts. On this weeks show the Bobcat rides Leo like a shopping cart, Benjamin Horne gets his foot fetish craving partially satisfied, and Leland...well you know.

Get ready to turn ALL THE WAY UP!

Arbitrary Law Talk Starts At 19:15

6 Burning Questions

Why is Andy (of all characters) the one repeating j’ai une ame solitaire?

WTF did Donna experience the last time she was at the Tremond joint? Is that old lady telling the truth?

Why in the secret journal entry did Laura not mention kissing Cooper?

What sort of ring did James give to Donna?

What’s the significance of Cooper’s ring? Genuinely I don’t get it.

Why does Leland keep referring to Bob as THEY…is Bob They (Khaled’s They)?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E08 - Drive With a Dead Girl

October 31, 2016

After last weeks INTENSE episode Brian and Chris are easily able to fall back into character as they discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 8 Drive with a Dead Girl.

On this weeks episode Gwen absolutely roasts Andy (someone may need to call a burn unit), Bobby licks up some Leo spit mustard, and PETE confesses his love. All that and OH so much more on this Halloween themed episode. FYI Ernie and Hank used to be Prison mates.

6 Burning Questions

What do you think Sara believes happened the previous night. She seems totally oblivious?

Was Bob just messing around pretending he was going to club cooper or was he like YOLO and planning to do it?

What do you think Hank has been up to in the past 48 hours? What happened to Jean Renault and the dead guy(s) at One Eyed Jacks?

What are Pete and Harry going to do about the Josie situation?

How long before Hank spills the beans about Ernie…I think we all know it’s not an IF but a WHEN?

How is this blackmail thing with the Bobcat and Horne going to play out? Whose going to end up playing whom?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E07 - Lonely Souls

October 24, 2016

The Big One. Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 7 Lonely Souls. Brian and Chris somehow manage to keep their obnoxious wise ass tone up even when discussing one of the most brutal and shocking hours of television in history. It's a whirl wind of emotions in the dungeon especially for Chris who attempts to recover after viewing this episode for the very first time.

Some highlights include the one armed man having a freakout we all can relate to, the Bobcat looking for a quick getaway (that most of us can relate to), and Pete makes out with a Japanese Man (only a few of us can relate to... possibly Kevin). All that and so much more on this weeks show.

6 Burning Questions

Why did Sarah have a vision of a white horse?

Did Leland/Bob drug Sarah or is she self medicating as a way to “escape” from the horrifying reality?

Why are Donna and Bobby breaking down in the roadhouse while James remains completely unaffected?

What’s on the tape the Bobcat and Mike found?

What caused the One Armed Man’s breakdown? Did it have anything to do with Brother Ben?

Who will be Bob’s/Lelands next victim?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E06 - Demons

October 17, 2016

The Gifted and the....DAMNED!!! We all know which end of the spectrum we're on. This week more strange noises from the one armed man, one hell of a party at Shelly's Love Shack, and Truman's Eater Island stare.Oh Truman if you only took some cues from the Bobcat you wouldn't be in this situation (NEVER SAY I LOVE YOU).

6 Burning Questions (This Week We Got 7)

What does Smith mean by unclean and contaminate? What does the immediate future hold for his character?

Is Ben aware that Audrey was the “New Girl”?

Will the bobcat and Shelley last? Is their love as strong as our love with JP Beardley?

What is Jonathon’s actual relationship to Josie? Was it or was it not rape?

What is Leland the WHITE planning to do with that fake fur?

Is Mike really a good spirit (trying to stop Bob) or is he a trickster… could he possibly be misleading them for his own agenda?

Who will be Bob’s next victim?


Twin Peaks Revival S2E05 - The Orchids Curse

October 3, 2016

Have we finally gone too far? Nahhhh

This week things get incredibly weird. A caller recounts a cuckold fantasy, we learn that Truman likes to watch, Maddie Third Degree Burns James, and oh yeah Hawk just killed a dude. In the premium section the subway debate rages on and the Top 5 Hate Em segment features a few surprises. This episode carries a HEAVY E rating. You have been warned. Don't just enjoy this episode by yourself share it with your whole damn town. #LelandJustGotBail

6 Burning Questions (oh s*** guess it was just 5)

Has Smith had his V-card swiped? AKA did he and Laura do it or did Laura take sick pleasure in just stringing him along?

Was the story Donna told to Smith true?

What caused Smith to collapse to the ground when he stepped outside? He seemed to look up to the sky and his arm started shaking before hand.

What is in a black Yukon sucker puncher?

Will Leo eventually wake up? What will he do if and when he does?